Tractor Rally – With Snow!

Well the annual tractor rally at Apley Farm Shop came around again last weekend. Organised by the Bridgnorth Vintage Machinery Club, it’s our favourite early photography event! It usually has upwards of 100 tractors entering, which is a really great thing to witness – all the engine noise and old machines are fascinating and you ... Read more

March 2018 – Venison Evening

Well this is an unusual one! I was invited to photograph a venison evening, sponsored by the Wildlife Trust. Very interesting and attended by about 60 very keen and knowledgeable people, two butchers and a deer expert. The butchers were fascinating, taking two venison legs and in the space of around 30 minutes converting them ... Read more

December 2017 – Santa’s Grotto!

Now – a lot of people may think that photographing Santa in his grotto is pretty run of the mill stuff – but not for us! We’re fortunate enough to shoot at a really exclusive venue in Shropshire – Apley Farm Shop ( So we go all out to make this a really special event ... Read more

It’s Nearly Halloween

Every year I shoot a Pumpkin Festival deep in the Shropshire Countryside. It’s an event that I look forward to well in advance – I’m a total kid when it comes to Halloween and the opportunity to carve pumpkins certainly isn’t lost on me at all. There’s a huge field of pumpkins and the children ... Read more

Smoked Pheasant!

Sometimes we come across very exclusive products to photograph – and have to have a bit of a head scratch as to how to make it look just right! This week it was smoked pheasant – I’ve got a (very good) book on smoking and given I stopped enjoying a cigarette myself about 20 years ... Read more

Stafford Classic Car Show

We had a great time today photographing the annual classic car show at Stafford Castle. This is our second year covering the show and thanks to all the staff for making us feel so welcome again. It’s a dream event for us to be honest as we both love a classic car. We have an ... Read more

Sabrina Zeif – Kitchen Thyme Magazine Shoot

I was lucky enough to do some photography for Delicatessen UK magazine, shooting Shropshire based food expert Sabrina Zeif for their cover. Sabrina is a colourful character and her ¬†company Cooking Thyme is a real success, focusing on Caribbean and Cajun based recipes. She’d just finished the Shrewsbury Food Fair (one of the biggest events ... Read more

Classic Cars and Hampers!

We had an interesting shoot yesterday – advertising hampers for a classic car show! Now we’re fortunate enough to own two classic cars (fortunate to the extent that they break down in beautiful places and I love them both despite that) – an MG Midget and a VW Camper. I’m always on the lookout for ... Read more

Penkridge Horse Show

Canon 1dx, 400 2.8 I love a horse show. I’ve said it before but I’m happily saying it again. The competitors are great fun to talk to, and it’s good to see kids involved in something that involves skill and dexterity and care – a far cry from a PS4 or an xBox. So we’re ... Read more

Mr Moyden’s Cheese

It was interesting to meet a cheese maker recently – something I’ve always been curious about (due in no small part to eating a lot of it!). Not far from where I live is Mr Moyden’s cheese – where an incredible range of cheeses are produced, with fatastic local names like “Wrekin Blue”. Martin Moyden, ... Read more

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