Extenders (or Teleconverters!) Tips

As you probably realise by now, I’m a Canon user. A personal choice of course ( I’m not bashing their competitors here) – but once you’ve made a decision and invested in the kit then it’s not exactly an easy change. Anyway, I read a lot online where people give their views of Canon vs ... Read more

How to take better equestrian photographs

As an event photographer I get to attend quite a lot of horse shows, especially in Shropshire and Staffordshire which I think must have more horse owners than any other county in England! I see a lot of people with their own cameras and they often come to have a chat and a look at ... Read more

Severn Valley Trail Run

We had a great time at this event! The Severn Vally Country Park is located a few miles outside Bridgnorth in Shropshire. This was an event that I’ve had in my diary for a few months now (reminds me, I must get an event photography diary app!). It made a change to the food and ... Read more

Smoked Pheasant Advertising Shoot

  Now a few months back I did a lot of photography to help with the launch of a new product. The “hero” in this case is smoked pheasant, only available from the Apley Estate in Shropshire. It makes a change from the event photographer stuff, I do shoot a lot of products for commercial ... Read more

A&WHSC Fun Rides

Now I have to say I’m getting very attached to shooting this event. Equestrian photography is something that I’ve really enjoyed for the past couple of years – there’s a good challenge in getting the shot well framed with my usual style, the people are ever so friendly, and the horses are often quite curious ... Read more

Tractor Rally – With Snow!

Well the annual tractor rally at Apley Farm Shop came around again last weekend. Organised by the Bridgnorth Vintage Machinery Club, it’s our favourite early photography event! It usually has upwards of 100 tractors entering, which is a really great thing to witness – all the engine noise and old machines are fascinating and you ... Read more

March 2018 – Venison Evening

Well this is an unusual one! I was invited to photograph a venison evening, sponsored by the Wildlife Trust. Very interesting and attended by about 60 very keen and knowledgeable people, two butchers and a deer expert. The butchers were fascinating, taking two venison legs and in the space of around 30 minutes converting them ... Read more

December 2017 – Santa’s Grotto!

Now – a lot of people may think that photographing Santa in his grotto is pretty run of the mill stuff – but not for us! We’re fortunate enough to shoot at a really exclusive venue in Shropshire – Apley Farm Shop ( So we go all out to make this a really special event ... Read more

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