27/05/2017 Apley Plant Centre

Now this is somewhere that’s very exclusive, tucked away in the courtyard at Apley Farm Shop in Norton, Shropshire. While I race around with event photography I do like to find time to shoot marketing and commercial photos (all part of being a diverse photographer!) and I enjoyed spending a bit of time talking to Ed, one of the three partners and was impressed at his incredible knowledge when chatting to customers.

I know big garden centres are springing up everywhere but honestly, finding people who know their business and can advise on absolutely everything is really hard to find nowadays – lets face it if you want advice then you need to go somewhere where the staff know their stuff and take the time to impart their knowledge and this place wins hands down for that. It’s a really high quality plant centre and the prices are certainly very competitive as well – the range includes some very unusual plants and classy garden ornaments. I came away with some lovely photos along with pots of Fuschias and Geraniums!

Apley Plant Centre. Dogs welcome regardless of size!

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