Classic Cars and Hampers!

We had an interesting shoot yesterday – advertising hampers for a classic car show! Now we’re fortunate enough to own two classic cars (fortunate to the extent that they break down in beautiful places and I love them both despite that) – an MG Midget and a VW Camper. I’m always on the lookout for props to help my photos really stand out so this shoot fell naturally to a) pulling the MG out of the garage and b) getting a nice hamper to fit the scene. What could go wrong with that?

Well…mainly the weather! It’s been lovely for the past week, with sunshine and puffy clouds, but yesterday it was drab and grey and my top down drive saw a bit of rain as well. Undeterred I set the shot up, with Andrea modelling alongside our picnic hamper. I have a clear view of what it should look like beforehand and I had a blue sky in my mind’s eye. It’s not a particularly difficult shot to lay out and light but come on, a bit of sunshine in June would help! Thankfully some post production skills helped here. Lighting the subject to give high contrast meant that I could work on the overcast sky later. As a rule I believe that the photo should be 90% “in camera” –  I don’t agree with the photographers who forsake time behind the camera and spend hours in front of a computer making something that at the end of the day doesn’t look like what was shot on the day –  I guess that’s because I’ve always believed that you’re capturing reality and need to reproduce that, not an artificial substitute. But there’s a reality here, I can’t abort shoots because of the weather – and the skill is in making the “in camera” element fit with the post production work. So, loaded hamper in hand(s), I set about lighting everything (in the wind) and got some great shots, which will be used for staged marketing in the run up to the event, with weekly and daily posts to increase interest.