Mr Moyden’s Cheese

It was interesting to meet a cheese maker recently – something I’ve always been curious about (due in no small part to eating a lot of it!). Not far from where I live is Mr Moyden’s cheese – where an incredible range of cheeses are produced, with fatastic local names like “Wrekin Blue”. Martin Moyden, who runs the business with his wife Beth, have won numerous awards both for their cheeses and for their growing business – their range is on the shelves of discerning shops where high quality is sought after by their customers.

so it was a delight to see inside the workings of a cheese maker – from the point where the raw product (unpasteurised milk) starts the process, through to the maturing and finally the selection of the end product. I even got to take some home with me – in this case an award winning Apley Cheshire which was amazing (I almost pulled over in the car and scoffed it).

The type of photo I wanted was something traditional – outside, cows grazing in the background etc etc. But the field is some way away from the business and it wasn’t the best of weather! So we shot a portrait inside – although I always carry a backdrop the cheese making environment is very carefully sanitised so I really didn’t want to introduce anything that might have caused any problems – so I used one carefully positioned soft box on low power to just light Martin, letting the background go dark. It worked really well as a dramatic black and white shot.

Martin Moyden, artisan cheese maker and award winner with his Apley Cheshire. Canon 5d mkiii, 24-70 2.8l @f4, softbox.