Sabrina Zeif – Kitchen Thyme Magazine Shoot

The super Sabrina Zeif. Canon 5d mkiii, 24-70 2.8L @ f4, 2 flashes off camera

I was lucky enough to do some photography for Delicatessen UK magazine, shooting Shropshire based food expert Sabrina Zeif for their cover. Sabrina is a colourful character and her  company Cooking Thyme is a real success, focusing on Caribbean and Cajun based recipes. She’d just finished the Shrewsbury Food Fair (one of the biggest events on the Shropshire calendar) which was really busy, no doubt a lot of interest came from people looking at something refreshingly different – her style of cooking is internationally cultured and involves a huge range of exciting ingredients and spices, including her own range.

We had a great time setting up and moving everything around until we had a shot that were both happy with, these things usually take a little bit of time to get right, it has to be if you’re going to look at your face on a magazine cover! We settled for a fun shot in the end ( with a coconut!) which really captures Sabrina’s sense of fun!

I was editing everything on the fly because of the deadline for submissions, well done to editorial teams who work over the weekend! A quick call to the magazine editor and an upload of some sample shots let me tailor the balance of the photo to suit his layout, what would we do without the internet!


heres what Sabrina says about her product:

Fabulous Creole food is part of Cajun culture, and Trinidad has an exceptionally diverse international cuisine due to the mixed population. Both cultures are rooted in sharing good food and socialising. The aim of Kitchen Thyme is to bring the best of Cajun and Caribbean traditions to create a culinary experience different to any other cookery course.”

Absolutely spot on going by the spices that Sabrina gave me to experiment with!