Smoked Pheasant!

Sometimes we come across very exclusive products to photograph – and have to have a bit of a head scratch as to how to make it look just right! This week it was smoked pheasant – I’ve got a (very good) book on smoking and given I stopped enjoying a cigarette myself about 20 years ago I guess I’ve put my efforts into smoking food instead, although I’ve only tried hot smoking – you can’t beat a freshly caught mackerel smoked on the beach! Cold smoking is a different approach altogether and I’m very keen to give it a go this year.

Apley Farm Shop have an exciting new range of smoked pheasant breast, it takes a lot of work to get it to the point of sale – not only the smoking part but of course the rigorous food hygiene standards that have to be observed and passed to enable it to be sold. I can honestly say that it’s absolutely delicious, one of the hardest things sometimes about a food shoot is not eating the product and that’s made even harder because when everything comes together and the shot looks just right, it shouts out “eat me”….and I just want to get a few more shots to make sure! Anyway, we dressed it up with a lot of other tasty items and some interesting carved wood bowls, server and scoop from a local wood turner. I wanted to get the “country kitchen” feel to it, a warm, comforting Autumn meal. It’s a product that needs to be carefully accessorised to keep it as the centrepiece. These photos will go down two routes, a big marketing banner for the dressed shots and via the online shop for the knock out shot.

Smoked pheasant, olives and a bottle of Veuve Cliquot which remains unopened until the product launch! Canon 5d mkIII, 24-70 2.8, two softboxes and diffusion panel.
Knock out, ready for web site. Canon 5d mkiii, 100 2.8.
I ate ALL of those olives 🙂