Classic Cars and Hampers!

We had an interesting shoot yesterday – advertising hampers for a classic car show! Now we’re fortunate enough to own two classic cars (fortunate to the extent that they break down in beautiful places and I love them both despite that) – an MG Midget and a VW Camper. I’m always on the lookout for […]

Penkridge Horse Show

Canon 1dx, 400 2.8 I love a horse show. I’ve said it before but I’m happily saying it again. The competitors are great fun to talk to, and it’s good to see kids involved in something that involves skill and dexterity and care – a far cry from a PS4 or an xBox. So we’re […]

Mr Moyden’s Cheese

It was interesting to meet a cheese maker recently – something I’ve always been curious about (due in no small part to eating a lot of it!). Not far from where I live is Mr Moyden’s cheese – where an incredible range of cheeses are produced, with fatastic local names like “Wrekin Blue”. Martin Moyden, […]

1/06/2017 The Shropshire Cookbook!

Very pleased to have my photos published in The Shropshire Cookbook by Meze Publishing! I’ve been the photographer for Apley Farm Shop in Norton, Shropshire for the past 18 months, covering their events, commercial and even portrait photography with some fantastic marketing shots which have really fitted in well with their growing business! I’m looking […]

27/05/2017 Apley Plant Centre

Now this is somewhere that’s very exclusive, tucked away in the courtyard at Apley Farm Shop in Norton, Shropshire. While I race around with event photography I do like to find time to shoot marketing and commercial photos (all part of being a diverse photographer!) and I enjoyed spending a bit of time talking to […]

22/05/2017 Barbecue Boxes and Cupcakes

Product photography is a staple for us, it’s surprisingly varied and we always aim to get something that’s “standard” and something a little different. A lot of it is about matching the product with a good background – we see a lot of photos taken with the traditional “top down” approach which is great, but […]

19/05/2017 Gardener’s Question Time!

I hot footed it from a very hot and sunny Venice to get back in time to photograph a Gardener’s Question Time session, organised by Chris Mackrell from the Telford Rotary Club and hosted by Paul Shuttleworth (Gardener’s Question Time, BBC Shropshire) with a panel comprising Phil Allen (Head Gardener at Apley Walled Garden) and […]

13/5/2017 Suree Coates, Thai Chef of the Year

I had the pleasure today of photographing (and chatting to) Shropshire’s Thai Chef of the Year, Suree Coates. I’ve previously photographed Suree at food events against the backdrop of a big crowd and enjoyed her banter and most of all, her beautifully prepared dishes. Well through a lens at least – I have to photograph […]

22/2/2017 Vintage Machinery

We’re looking forward to quite a few diverse events this year! Our first one will be next month, a vintage tractor rally which is in aid of the Air Ambulance. It sets off from Apley Farm Shop, Norton, Shropshire and goes (slowly!) into Bridgnorth and then returns in the afternoon. We covered this last year and […]

15/2/2017 Gear Review – Elinchrom Ranger RX

Off camera flash is a difficult subject for some photographers. I’ve seen a lot of posts where photographers “prefer natural light” – which (to me) translates into “I don’t like using flash”. Well sometimes you just have to really or there’s either a dull shot, or worse, no shot. Everything has its place, there are […]