Digital Artwork Reproduction Photographer in the West Midlands, Shropshire & Staffordshire

High quality reproduction photography of paintings and drawings. We cover Telford, Newport, Shrewsbury, Stafford, Market Drayton & surrounding areas

We can reproduce original art paintings and drawings for original artists or galleries and present photographs either as high or ultra high resolution images for large print reproduction sales and catalogues or as montages, e.g with the image shown as a visual representation in a room set. To maximise the potential for sales, art websites such as recommend high quality photographs and we can reproduce your artwork to a very high standard and provide these alongside images showing painting or drawing artwork hanging in a suitably matched room set. Alternatively images can be used to produce print runs on accessories, e.g. bags, wrapping paper and tee shirts, ideal to promote an artist’s exhibition.

What do we do?

Painting and drawing art and artwork is photographed in our studio using non reflecting filters on high quality studio flash or continuous lighting to prevent any flare or colour shift, preserving the intrinsic beauty of the picture. We provide high resolution files in either jpeg or tiff format depending on the proposed use, with side angle as well as front on. For room set montages we work with our clients to select a suitable stock room set image which we either source via Adobe, from our own stock or alternatively shoot ourselves, and then provide a dimensionally accurate edited proof which shows the original artwork in a suitable setting, with shadows added to ensure that the artwork image reflects the room lighting and looks authentic. We can of course also shoot artwork in situ. Using a room set enhances the appearance and is often required by online sales sites such as Artfinder.

To produce the very best results, artwork should ideally be unframed with any glass removed where possible. While we can shoot with glass in place and remove reflections at the point of capture, we cannot always guarantee that the artwork will be as well represented. Mixed media paintings with strong surface textures that appear different depending on room lighting will be photographed using a slightly stronger directional light to maintain the artist’s preferred appearance. We'll establish the ideal lighting angle by photographing using different lighting techniques and provide a set of proofs.

If you require reproduction of your artwork photographs please let us know, we can recommend Badger Print & Design, a very high quality Shropshire based digital print business.

We can collect artwork if you’re local for a nominal charge. If you’d like us to collect please ensure that paintings and drawings are appropriately packed using bubblewrap and cardboard to prevent the risk of transportation damage. Alternatively artwork can be posted to us directly.

Please note that images will carry our watermark until payment has been made in full, at which point we release final versions with the watermark removed. See our prices page for our product photography rates. A small additional charge may apply for any room set stock photographs.

  • Professional artwork reproduction photography using high quality equipment
  • Images colour matched to original to preserve colours during editing
  • Multiple angles with lighting to emphasise textures on mixed media artwork
  • Selected images presented in our online gallery to enable viewing and selection of final edits
  • Range of room set stock photos available for creating images to upload to Artfinder & other sites
  • Images provided on a USB drive if required at a small additional cost
  • Professional print shop recommended partner for print run production

Due to our strict compliance with copyright law we will only photograph original artwork which is the work of the commissioning client or with the permission of an authorised representative, e.g an art gallery / exhibition curator.

Please contact us for art reproduction prices and availability.