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Help With Viewing Galleries and Ordering

How do I order a print or download? You can order prints and digital downloads from any of our public galleries and we accept debit/credit cards via Paypal. Just click the shopping cart icon in the top right corner of the thumbnail and then you can checkout by clicking the blue cart at top right.

Will my image have a watermark? We watermark images in public galleries to mitigate against image theft. If you place an order your image will always have the watermark removed.

I'm trying to view a gallery from an event but it's asking for a password? For all events, we upload the gallery during the evening and there's a temporary password lock placed on the gallery which is removed once the upload has finished and we've checked everything is complete. See the information panel for the gallery which will show an estimated opening time, e.g. "Gallery opens at 9pm when the passcode will be removed".

Help With An Order

I haven't received my print(s). We post prints out first class, usually within 48 hours of an order being placed but at busy times it can be a little longer. If you've ordered more than four of our standard size prints, or a A4 mounted print then the Post Office may not be able to deliver the package through a letterbox - please check that they haven't delivered it to a neighbour, left it in a safe place or taken it back to the delivery office. If you haven't received your print within ten days of ordering please contact us.

I ordered a social media download but it won't download on my iPhone? Click on the "download" link in your order acknowledgement, then when prompted click on "Download". Your file will be added to your files folder. You can view this by pressing the blue circle next to the address bar which will show your downloads. Alternatively instead of selecting "Download", select "View" and then long press to save to your photos.

I ordered a digital download from your web site but it hasn't arrived? The message says "pending upload". Medium resolution downloads are edited before being sent out, if you've ordered before 8pm then your download link should be active by 10pm. Orders placed after 8pm are processed the following day. Any orders placed pending payment are activated once payment is fully received.

I don't have Paypal. Do you accept any other payment? Sorry but we only accept Paypal. You don't need a Paypal account to order though - just use the "Checkout with Paypal" option and then when the Paypal screen appears select "Pay with debit/credit card".

Why don't you offer an alternative to Paypal any more, for example sending a payment text message? Unfortunately we had a number of customers who persistently ordered and didn't pay. It takes time to set up a manual payment so we decided to remove the option. You can still pay via Paypal even if you don't have an account.

I ordered a print or digital download from your web site but I've changed my mind. Could you replace it with another image? Unless there's a fault with your print or download we won't replace it with a different one. If you're unsure about an image, e.g. a watermark is obscuring a key feature then please check with us first.

I ordered a digital download at an event and it isn't in the download folder? When you ordered you should have received a download code (a QR code and a link) which will take you to a private folder. We often process orders made at an event if we have time, but usually the images are placed in the download folders in the evening. If you don't have your images by 8pm please contact us.

I ordered a digital download but I've lost my code! Not to worry! just contact us. We'll validate your order by taking some details and get the download link over to you.

There's a problem with my print or download. We carefully check everything before sending. Please contact us with a brief description of the problem, attach a photo if possible and we'll do our best to get your product replaced.

Help With Payment

What payment methods do you accept on your web site? Can I pay by card? Any orders placed on our web site can be paid with Paypal. If you don't have a Paypal account then you can still use a credit/debit card via Paypal, just select the "Pay with debit/credit card" option when the Paypal screen appears.

What payment methods do you accept at events? We accept cash, credit and debit cards and Apple Pay.

Help With Digital Downloads From Our Web Site

We have a download link delivery process for social media (low resolution) downloads and you'll receive a message similar to the one below as soon as you've ordered and paid for your order. There may be a short delay while images are edited. You'll also receive an email confirmation.

email order confirmation

Clicking on the link will display your image to your computer, phone or tablet. It's important to now save your download!
Windows - The file will download to your "Downloads". Open file explorer, navigate to your downloads folder and then copy or move the file to your photos folder.
Mac - The file will automatically open in Preview. Click on "File", press the Option key on your keyboard and click on "Save As".
Iphone/Ipad - Press on the image and select "Save Photo". The photo will be on your camera roll.
Android phone/tablet - Long press and select "Save Photo".

Help With Digital Downloads From an Event (QR Code)

At events we provide digital downloads via a scannable QR code which is affixed to the till receipt, this will open a link to a Dropbox folder which contains the purchased images. Images are usually uploaded at the point of sale but please note there may be a slight delay depending on network availability. Apple iPhone/iPad users can open the link just by pointing the camera at the code - if this doesn't recognise the code please download a free scanner app (we use "Scan").

For Android (Samsung) users, please download a free scanner app - Recent Android users can alternatively enable Google Lens (you may need to give the app permission to use the phone camera) to enable the code to be scanned directly with the camera (note not all Android phones support this feature).

Please note that for both Apple and Samsung (Android) devices, your security settings may need to be temporarily adjusted to give QR code scanner apps or the camera the appropriate permission to open the link.

Once the link is opened you can forward it from your device to your desktop computer if you need to store your photos on a different device. Each customer has a unique download code which will expire 8 days after purchase, please ensure that you download the photos before the link expires.

If you're unable to load a scanner app or don't have a compatible phone we'll send your download link manually via email on the evening after purchase. If the email doesn't arrive please check your spam folder first before contacting us. We do keep a record of purchased downloads, please contact us with the ADE reference at the top of the download label if you have any problems.

digital download instructions

Help With Our Copyright Policy

Can I take a screenshot of photos in your gallery? Please note that we do not allow screenshots of watermarked images to be taken from any of our galleries without our permission. This is a breach of our copyright and we will ask for payment for each image along with an administration fee of £50. If watermarked images are placed on social media without our permission we will also file a copyright breach with the platform owner (e.g. Facebook). We do occasionally allow social sharing of a link to an image - click on the thumbnail and if this is enabled you'll find the social sharing buttons at the top right of the screen.

Help With Consent

Occasionally we secure consent from our clients’ customers to allow photos to be used for their marketing. If you’ve given consent we’ll have asked you to complete a consent form. Please contact us if you require a copy of our standard consent form.

Contacting Us

Please contact us, email to or phone/text to 07446 140448. Please don’t use social media to get in touch if you have an urgent problem, our social media accounts aren’t constantly monitored.