Food Photography

So as a food photographer in Shropshire I always look at the photography in cookbooks – some of my favourite ones contain very good recipes as well (although I’ll confess that I’m useless at anything to do with cakes). Browsing through some cookery books this morning I discovered an old Hamlyn one – probably from […]

Is your photographer a professional?

So this is an interesting area, and I thought I’d give a few observations which are aimed at helping businesses to engage the right professional photographer and also to help photographers who are starting out to focus on the core areas and skills needed to be successful. As a professional commercial photographer in Shropshire I’ve […]

Chickens and….water!

Another busy spell for me over the past couple of weeks! Our commercial photography has really taken off lately, not only in Shropshire but in Wales as well. I’ll have to change the marketing from “commercial photographer Shropshire” to “Commercial Photographer Wales” at this rate! We had an interesting shoot for Reverberate PR – this […]

Agrigultural Photography – Early Morning Cows

So the other week I’d been engaged by agricultural company Reverberate PR to shoot a local farmer (Jon) with a a representative from feed producter HJ Lea Oakes (Philip). This all started out as a straightforward set of portraits to show the two (together with cows of course), both posed and interacting, with shots of […]

Agricultural Landscapes

This is an interesting area (well for me at least!). I’ve been commissioned a few times by PR companies to shoot agricultural photography. This is an area that I’m very familiar with, being based in Shropshire which is a beautiful county and perhaps the heart of the rural farming community. I’m often on the lookout […]

A Winter Afternoon

I was delighted to get a call last week from agricultural public relations agency Reverberate PR, asking me to shoot some crops for seed company Germinal UK. I was hoping for a sunny day but a combination of overcast skies coupled with some urgency (we wanted to get the photos before the cattle scoffed everything) […]

Video on a big backdrop!

Now I did an interesting professional commercial marketing videography job last week with Handicare, an accessibility equipment company in the West Midlands. They produce essential equipment for the elderly and those in care – in the current coronavirus situation this is incredibly important because it potentially enables anyone hospitalised to get back home and be […]

Wedding Photography

Should you book a professional or use a friend? As a professional wedding photographer in Shropshire, I was interested a little while ago when I found out that someone we know was getting married. They’d booked their wedding reception at a very nice location in Shropshire and out of curiosity I asked who was going […]

Fog and mist

I have to admit to being fascinated by fog and mist. There’s something mysterious about the way it shrouds everything, especially as it rises off the fields. It’s not exactly a unique event in Shropshire of course but it does invite great photos, particularly for agricultural and farming photography. I remember as a kid living just […]

Why we don’t always respond to

As a commercial photographer in Shropshire, you may find our details on a couple of commercial, corporate headshot and video/photography sourcing websites – typically and bidvine. I’ve used Bark quite successfully in the past and I have a some great long term clients as a result. But let me explain the process from my […]