22/2/2017 Vintage Machinery

We’re looking forward to quite a few diverse events this year! Our first one will be next month, a vintage tractor rally which is in aid of the Air Ambulance. It sets off from Apley Farm Shop, Norton, Shropshire and goes (slowly!) into Bridgnorth and then returns in the afternoon. We covered this last year and got some great photos – I was surprised at the amount of interest the event attracted – there was a continental market in Bridgnorth and a lot of curious people lining the narrow streets as the tractors squeezed through. Here’s hoping for a bit of spring sunshine again although sometimes our weather can produce the most fantastic photos! I’m never discouraged by a bit of rain, it just needs some careful preparation to make sure everything is protected – cameras and lenses are weather sealed but they’re not submersible and having had the experience once of a waterlogged camera (Newport Show 2016!), I always have a (somewhat convoluted) rain cover in the depths of my bag – although you can’t beat the luxury of having an assistant standing next to you with a large umbrella 🙂

We always make a donation for events like this, it’s a really good cause. If you’re reading this and you’ve got some free time then come along, it’s a great event and very interesting for adults and kids to see some very old machinery – some of the tractors are still in use I think while others are kept in pristine condition and arrive on trailers. I’m quite tempted to  ask if I can have a sit on one this year!

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