13/5/2017 Suree Coates, Thai Chef of the Year

I had the pleasure today of photographing (and chatting to) Shropshire’s Thai Chef of the Year, Suree Coates. I’ve previously photographed Suree at food events against the backdrop of a big crowd and enjoyed her banter and most of all, her beautifully prepared dishes. Well through a lens at least – I have to photograph the ravenous hoards when she invites them to try her dish, so I don’t get a chance to “enjoy” it in terms of tasting it (and I didn’t today either!).

Today it was a demo/masterclass for a relatively small group of people., based at Suree’s restaurant – The King and Thai in Broseley. She works from scratch and prepared a fantastic Thai Yellow Curry and an equally amazing soup. Suree is great to talk to, we had a good chat about the success of her book (some of the photos are hanging in the restaurant and look fantastic) – it’s been so popular it’s sold out! Her restaurant is wonderfully atmospheric and the menu has a great range with “specials” often added – Suree told me that keeps the interest going for customers and gives her the opportunity to constantly bring new ideas to the table.

I wanted to get some nice natural shots but didn’t want to be obtrusive – the last thing people want is a photographer blocking their view, so I set two soft boxes up and worked from the back of the room with a 200mm lens.

Suree Coates, Thai Chef of the Year


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