19/05/2017 Gardener’s Question Time!

Lord Gavin Hamilton, with Apley Park behind. Canon 1dx, 24-70 2.8, fill flash.

I hot footed it from a very hot and sunny Venice to get back in time to photograph a Gardener’s Question Time session, organised by Chris Mackrell from the Telford Rotary Club and hosted by Paul Shuttleworth (Gardener’s Question Time, BBC Shropshire) with a panel comprising Phil Allen (Head Gardener at Apley Walled Garden) and David Wassell, MBE (Landscape Architect). This event was for a really good cause – hosted by the Rotary Club to continue to pursue their aim to eradicate polio – more information can be found here https://www.rotarygbi.org/polio-eradication/

Despite a rather large difference in the weather (it thundered at one point!), it was a really good evening, with informative tours to the Apley Walled Garden hosted by Lord Gavin Hamilton and an excellent summary of how things are grown organically, using techniques dating back hundreds of years by Head Gardener Phil Allen. The Question Time session was equally good, with questions ranging from how to screen off a neighbour’s unsightly camper van to getting rid of slugs!

All very interesting and very busy for everyone (including me). I got soaked twice – once on the Walled Garden tour and then sheltering from the rain a couple of hours later when the gazebo I was standing under tipped about a gallon of water on me (most of it went into my pocket!).

Head Gardener Phil Allen. There’s nothing he doesn’t know about gardening! Canon 1dx (water resistant!), 24-70 2.8
Paul Shuttleworth, BBC Shropshire fields another question. Canon 1dx, 24-70 2.8

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