22/05/2017 Barbecue Boxes and Cupcakes

Product photography is a staple for us, it’s surprisingly varied and we always aim to get something that’s “standard” and something a little different. A lot of it is about matching the product with a good background – we see a lot of photos taken with the traditional “top down” approach which is great, but it’s getting a bit well used now and were often asked to introduce a suitable background as well. Sometimes we can do that easily enough, other times we’re shooting against a green screen so we can “drop in” a suitable background later. I quite enjoy the challenge of green screen – everything has to look natural, so not only the lighting but the blend between the studio subject and the drop in has to be right. Sometimes it works really well – individual products are good – others it takes a lot of time and I sit and wish I’d approached the shoot differently! We always get a good result though.

So this first shoot was for two pieces of marketing for Apley Farm Shop. The barbecue box is to push a very reasonably priced box of (you guessed it!) barbecue items. I wanted to get the feel of a garden with the barbecue in the background rather than a top down shot of the contents of the box – so this was shot with a 1/2 CTO gel on the flash to warm it up a little (to hopefully blend it with the barbecue shot, which is early evening.

Overall it works ok – all ready for advertising text to be dropped in!

Meat box with green screen. Canon EOS 5d mkiii, 24-70 2.8 @ f8

The second shoot was to promote the “Apley Bake Off”, where customers can bring their baking creations and have them judged. I wanted to get the warm country kitchen afternoon tea feel here and so a green screen with a stock photo from a previous shoot, with a slight blur added was ideal.

Cup cakes. Yum! Green screen with ambient light and fill flash, Canon EOS 5d, 100mm 2.8.

We don’t use them all the time, but they’re certainly useful to give a different feel to the shot – and to give a bigger range of photos for our client (Apley Farm Shop) to choose from.

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