Top Hat Midlands

What a great time I had doing this! I’ve already worked with this fantastic dance and stage school earlier in the year, photographing and videoing their first stage production at Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury in July, so I was delighted to be asked to produce a short promotional marketing video for them to showcase just how much fun everyone has at the weekly classes, which run every Saturday during term time at the Telford Park School. Run by a partnership of Sophie and David Shorter who both have extensive stage experience and credentials, we spent some time working through what was needed before setting out to capture the footage. All of the children were excited to see me which was fantastic, asking questions about what I was going to do and they were all queuing up to have their voices recorded for the voiceovers – it’s absolutely great to have that sort of rapport and I couldn’t stop myself from laughing when I risked being trampled when we got the footage at the end of the video – particularly given we did it three times!

Shooting video does (occasionally) require much less equipment than still photography – in this case there was no need for additional lighting to be used so it was shot with a Canon C100 Mark II as the main camera and a 5D Mark IV as the B camera on a gimbal so I could get some movement into the shots with a 5D Mark iii on a slider for a little more content – my primary aim was to create enough footage over three hours to capture all aspects of the classes and build two different 2 minute films, giving the client a good choice of options to either create one consolidated version or have a second version to release later in the year to refresh their marketing. The C100 Mark II is a lovely camera to work with, I read a lot about people not being happy with it only producing 1080HD instead of 4k output but the footage is perfect when it’s graded and it has a nice cinema feel which really suits promotional material like this.

So overall the shoot was exactly as planned – I covered everything in my storyboard and it worked incredibly well and really came to life when the music was overlaid. There’s still some additional footage to be shot in the coming days and final grading to be done in post production but I think this really captures the energy, enjoyment and excitement of the children who are all star performers!