Video For Marketing

I’ve been working with video for a couple of years now and it’s been interesting to watch how my clients have evolved to use this media channel. Still photography is of course very important and I still have commercial, corporate and product photography clients in Shropshire and Staffordshire who maintain still photographs as their priority (which keeps me on my toes as a photographer!) – so areas such as product website photos, magazine print and large trade show print are still very much in demand. But why the increase in video? I’m being asked more and more for a blended approach with video and stills being shot.

I did some research some time back to learn about how people consume media online. It was quite surprising to see that 80% of social media users watch video content and 45% consume more than an hour of Facebook and Youtube videos per week. Doubtless that’s increased since but I didn’t realise how much more people preferred video content on social media compared to still images. Of course broadband has opened the video channel and made it a lot more accessible for people. A few years ago you’d sit there with a blank screen while the content loaded, but in many locations high speed broadband and 4G has meant that videos load much more quickly – and businesses have realised how viable this channel is for their marketing and adopted this approach. If you look at established media web sites like the BBC, there’s a growing offering of content through video clips.

Interestingly, the length of an online video is very important. An article I read from a well established marketing lead made some really key points around how 3 minutes should be the optimal length of any marketing content – or less. That of course means that the message has to be delivered promptly, with no lengthy preamble. It’s quite surprising when I’m filming a video how long it can take to get to the message that a client wants to put across and it’s potentially wasted effort if a customer stops watching before the key points emerge, so I always encourage new clients to consider scripting out their text in advance, run it on an autocue and get an approximate timing. That way, if my client wants to work inside the 3 minute limit we can look together at how best to trim the content down and structure the message. It helps by having a lot of experience in this area and I recognise how challenging it can be for anyone who’s new to producing a video. With careful planning we always achieve a really punchy, precise video as an outcome which engages viewers.

We can help your business from start to finish, including storyboarding, shooting and final production, or alternatively provide basic footage for your own editing. We use Canon Cinema cameras and lenses to create engaging visual content, backed up with professional broadcast quality audio, a full lighting setup and of course editing expertise using industry standard software. We can film at your chosen location with a natural backdrop and alternatively with chromakey (green screen), which offers some great options to blend in different and interesting backdrops. Click here to see our showreel.

Filming marketing content on location with Fountain Retreats CEO Dee Gardener (left) and Terri Dwyer (60 Second Makeover & Hollyoaks).