What’s In a Name?

I thought I’d have a ramble about how we arrived at A Decent Exposure, our company name. Now this might sound a bit boring but read on! When I set up for event, food, commercial, equestrian and product photography I realised that my company name would be something that’s got to endure and so it just can’t be changed on a whim. I think in the pre internet days it was a relatively straightforward thing to do, and you’d actually see it happen quite often. But now it’s all about the internet. Changing a brand or company name means new domains, fresh marketing, rebranding and basically doing all the hard work again, which is both time consuming and costly – for example all of our print mounts are branded professionally on the back in all sizes with our details so it’s easy for our customers to contact us, so the right name at the outset is a pretty key decision. And of course if you change it at some point down track customers are confused and probably still think of you under the old name. The popular chocolate bar Marathon was renamed to Snickers, anyone remember that? It was years ago and I still call it a Marathon 🙂

So quite early on I had to think of a name. And of course it had to be one that had a domain that wasn’t taken and also had to encompass all of the areas that I photograph, so it couldn’t be too specific. I definitely didn’t want to call it something cheesy, so that ruled out anything ending in “pix”, e.g stevespix.co.uk (as it goes that domain was already taken). I also didn’t want to follow the well trodden path of <your name> followed by “photography”. That seems to be the standard approach taken by a lot of photographers, usually with their name in a flowing script font with “photography” inserted in a different font below. I’m certainly not knocking it but I really wanted something different and another thing I had to bear in mind was that I was likely to expand beyond photography and into video at some point. Interestingly enough, about half of my work now is videography, it’s steadily been increasing. I’ll blog about that at some point because it shows how that particular media channel is expanding.

Anyway, back to the point. While we were deliberating, Andrea came up with “A Decent Exposure”. I really liked it because it ticked all the boxes and so immediately bought the domain name. Now some people make the connection that it’s a bit of a play on “indecent exposure”, so there’s a mildly naughty thing going on there, but overall it hopefully promotes the fact that as a business everything we do encompasses high quality, professionalism and all things good so there’s nothing rude to see here at all.

Anyway the name is well and truly embedded now and I for one am very pleased that since starting out I haven’t thought of a better name, which is a bit of a relief to be honest. By the way the little flower to the right of our logo is a Senetti, a very delicate bloom that’s available to purchase in our galleries, along with all of our events photos.