Agricultural Landscapes

This is an interesting area (well for me at least!). I’ve been commissioned a few times by PR companies to shoot agricultural photography. This is an area that I’m very familiar with, being based in Shropshire which is a beautiful county and perhaps the heart of the rural farming community.

I’m often on the lookout to combine my work with something aesthetically pleasing – let’s face it, a sheep in a field doesn’t make a good photo on its own, so it often needs a little more just to take advantage of the surroundings and hopefully the photos will be used as a lead in to an article and serve as a nice overall establishing image which will draw in a reader. So after going for a walk on a chilly but bright spring day, I noticed a potential backdrop and made a note to check how it looked when the sun was setting. A few hours later I marched out, camera in hand and returned to the spot to find a nicely hazy sky which was reddening as the sun began to set.

I only had a few minutes, and my choice of lens (a 70-200) was a good one. The sheep, which when I walked past earlier were quite nearby, had retreated for their evening feed. It’s a pleasing shot and one that I’ll keep in the archives and perhaps add to over the coming month while we enjoy the onset of the summer. Amusingly the late Douglas Adams (author of “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”) made reference to sheep in his book “The Meaning of Liff”, a fantastically funny book that I often flick through, as follows:

“Sheppey (n) Measure of distance (equal to approximately half a mile), defined as the closest distance at which sheep remain picturesque.”

Quite true in this case I reckon, although it was a little bit less than half a mile but the lighting helps 🙂

Sheppey Sheep. Canon 5d Mark IV, 70-200 f2.8 @f3.5