Chickens and….water!

Another busy spell for me over the past couple of weeks! Our commercial photography has really taken off lately, not only in Shropshire but in Wales as well. I’ll have to change the marketing from “commercial photographer Shropshire” to “Commercial Photographer Wales” at this rate!

We had an interesting shoot for Reverberate PR – this one for a sustainable chicken farming article for Marks & Spencer. As always I had a comprehensive brief – it’s always good to work with a PR agency because you can get some insight into their vision and start planning the shots in advance. However you don’t quite know what to expect until you arrive! I can’t share any of the images at the moment until M&S publish the article but what I will say is that as always I learned a lot about an area that I previously knew very little about. So I’ll add chicken farming to my portfolio alongside robot milking (that’s milking cows, not chickens in case you wondered).

My second shoot was with Montgomery Waters. I’ve shot a lot of their products and we wanted to get some photos on the production lines alongside some lifestyle images (more on that later). I really can’t believe the scale of production with a company of this size – their run rate is circa 35000 bottles per hour from start through to packing ready for distribution and it was fascinating watching the workflow and the speed. One thing I learned was that the bottles are actually blown from small plastic blanks (a bit like test tubes), the blanks are heated and then formed in a very tightly controlled and sanitised environment, so there’s absolutely no risk of cross contamination during the process.

Part of my brief with Montgomery Waters is shooting some lifestyle images to use for marketing and it’s been really interesting working with them to generate ideas that can be shot and shortlisted. So I’ve started with the usual commercial advertising shots of products and I’m now working through some fun ones including drinking and (of course) splashing water around to cool off! My whiteboard is overflowing with ideas at the moment so I’m just waiting on the weather to start working with some models to capture another set, which I’ll blog about later in the summer.